Fall 2013 vol. 31 no. 2 (1.89 MB)


Canker in Louisiana, Dr. Skaria Retires, New Citrus Nursery Regulations,
Friend of the College Award, Mari Reyes Retires, Awards Banquet, Mike Perez
Joins the Citrus Center, Graduates, New Visiting Scientist, AgriLife's New Plant
Plant Pathologist


Spring 2013 vol. 31 no. 1 (1.92 MB)


Bumper Crop of New Graduates, Tribute to Joe La Duke, Texas Citrus
Undercover, Colony Forming Units



Fall 2012 vol. 30 no. 2 (2.66 MB)


Farm Water Conservation, Tribute to Blaine Holcomb, Lime Anthracnose in
Texas, Twig Dieback..Star Ruby & Midknight Valencia..., Master's Student
Graduates, Visiting Scientists & Students, HLB Lessons from Florida,
Words of Wisdom from Florida


June 2012 vol. 30 no. 1 (2.07 MB)


Citrus Greening Disease (HLB) Confirmed in Texas, Root Weevil Management,
Master's Student Graduates, Subtropical Plant Science Meeting Held at
Citrus Center, Citrus Center Mentoring Program



December 2011 vol. 29 no. 4 (1.27 MB)


Recent Retirements, Citrus Center Welcomes New Soil Scientist,
Citrus Center Student Wins Poster Awards..., Dr. S├ętamou Wins Alumni
Association Award, Winter Dormant Spraying, Food Safety Modernization
Act, Reduced Efficacy of Miticide in Tank Mixes


September 2011 vol. 29 no. 3 (1.87 MB)


Alternate Flood Management Irrigation Practices, Visiting Scientist From Turkey,
Norman E. Borlaug International Fellow from Morocco, Dr. Julian Sauls Retires,
Helping Teenagers Catch the Science Bug, Remove an Orchard?


June 2011 vol. 29 no. 2 (4.41 MB)


North Farm Irrigation, Food Safety Course, Research Internship, New Research
Associate, Juice Pools 101, Rasberry Ant, President's Ball and Recognitions,
Bridging with the Industry, Citrus Pest Update, Custom Crafted Table
(with Photo Montage)


March 2011 vol. 29 no. 1 (1.61 MB)


Pest Update, Irrigation Water, Dept. Gets New Name, SPSS Annual Meeting,
Melanose Disease, Febrary Freeze, Center Retirees, Dr. Li Visits Citrus
Center Lab...


December 2010 vol. 28 no. 6


Dedication Ceremony, Drip Irrigation, Psyllid Host Range Study Leads to
Master's for Student, Scab, Scab & More Scab...

October 2010 vol. 28 no. 4 & 5


Coordinated Dormant Spraying Against Psyllid, Our New Plant Physiologist,
Citrus Center says Goodbye to our Old Home...Building dedication scheduled,
"Seek you Will Find..., Dr. Amador Recognized... and A Tribute to
Paul Parker (1948-2010)


June 2010 vol. 28 no. 3


New Center Building Approaching Completion, Citrus Pack-out and
Profitability..., High School Teacher Externs, Graduate Student Demonstrates
Seed Transmission of Virus, Valley Citrus Target of Leafminer and..., Does
Orange Juice Lower Cholesterol and Trigylceride Levels?


April 2010 vol. 28 no. 2


Florida - Citrus Black Spot Report, Juan M. Garica Honored, Tacho Leal Retires,
A Growing Problem - Barnacle Scale, Awards and Recognition for Faculty, Staff
and Students, Three More Plant and Soil Science Students Graduate


February 2010 vol. 28 no. 1


Citrus Center Hosts Subtropical Plant Science Society Meeting, New Building
Taking Shape, King Jose, New Website for Texas Citrus Greening, Winter
Yellows and Leap Drop, Sour Rot of Mature Fruit Exposted to Freezing
Temperature, Citrus Rust Mite, Visitors From Turkey